Thought I would give you a little bit of an update on the speaker cables and impressions

First let me tell you the Planus III are an outstanding speaker cable.  After switching out of Transparent Audio Ultra cabling over ten years ago, I thought I had found the holy grail of audio cables with Z-Cable.  Z-Cable was a little known company owned by Mark Hampton out of Wichita, KS.  It is now sold under the brand name Clarity Cables.

The Z-Cable completely woke my system up.  The TA Ultra always seemed to choke out some of the sound.  The difference was night and day between the cables.  After about 10 years of using the cables I swapped out speakers to a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio.  Knowing they were internally wired with AZ cables I also switched out my speaker cables and interconnects.  I utilized these cables for about a year until someone inquired about my Z-Cables and wanted to purchase them.  I pulled the Z-Cables out of the closet and thought I would give them another try before selling them (and they are quite inexpensive to boot).  Low and behold, once again the system opened up amazingly.  I thought to myself, why did I swap them out for the AZ?  So back into the system they went and the AZ cabling was sold on AG.  Fast forward two years.  Just by chance I stopped by ModWright audio to speak with Dan and to drop some equipment off.  He had a pair of the MG Planus III at his shop and I was intrigued by the design and the look.  With his word of approval on the cables and their sound I decided to give them a try and ordered a pair.  At first I was not real impressed.  I become accustomed to my trusted Z-Cables and their excellent sound, imaging and bass.  I let the cables burn in for about 10 straight days and gave another listen.  They certainly began to open up after that period but still they lacked the bass I was wanting.  The imaging certainly began to form both left to right and front to back.  The highs and midrange also took shape but something was missing.  Call it timing for lack of a better word.   

So I continued to listen and let them develop at the request of Greg.  Well, let me tell you, they have developed.  Amazingly developed.  The Planus III are holographic, three dimensional, wide, deep, tall and most importantly, the bass has developed.  This cable is fast and articulate from top to bottom.  I wish I had discovered the Planus cables years ago.  The pace and timing of this cable is incredible delivering all that you system can manage.  Needless to say, the Z-Cable will not be making it back into my system and will be going up for sale.  My giant killer (Z-Cable) has been slain!  The Z-Cable is still a great cable; the Planus III is just.....better!  

Thanks Greg!

Randy A. Wilson

I talked to you about the benefits of the Planus III cables in my system and how they differed in sound from the previous Is and IIs. Well now I have heard the IIs and the IIIs in my system. I previously thought the sound I had was drop-dead great already. Putting the IIIs into a great system didn't make a difference--it made THE difference

I've had at least 6 different speaker cables in my system the most expensive ones being Harmonic Technology Pro 9+ at $1499.00. I have always returned to the Speltz anticables because they just sounded more clear, live and dynamic--I finally ended my quest for good sound (I thought) with the purchase of their Reference 3 anticables. I'm in the process of receiving THE definitive pair of Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 speakers that Roy Johnson at GMA is upgrading to their absolute best of his new current technology, crossovers and wires--thereby, they will likely be the finest example of GMA speakers maybe ever produced by Roy. The former owner of these told me about your cables and how all his audio buddies were now using them in very different systems in Colorado and the word they all seemed to use was transformational in what the cables did for the sound of each system. I then had a recent audio buddy in my area who'd been to my house and heard my system more than a few times tell me about his new Planus II cables and how much he liked the cables.

Putting your Planus IIIs into a system I thought was already as good as I could get it without spending stupid money, my expectations were hopeful, yet very guarded. I really hoped the Speltz's would again be at least their equal so I could sell off the IIIs and save much money, unless, of course, the IIIs were really that good and would not be leaving anytime soon. Hooking them up cold out of the box WAS UNBELIEVABLE. My super Lenco analog setup sounded so good, I really could not believe what I was hearing. I used to have a Maplenoll Ariadne straight line tracking air bearing turntable/arm combo that was probably the finest sounding analog setup for the money ever made. For the first time since selling that, my records all sounded as good or better in most all ways with the dynamics, bass and clarity all surpassing the Noll and then some. You can hear the cavities inside the instruments and what different makes of guitars are from one another--cool in itself. But, the music as a whole made me giggle like a little girl at her first birthday party. I would have been embarrassed at my reactions from that to crying to just plain joy at how beautiful the sounds coming out of big old boxes were now making. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE IT THIS GOOD, but I'm extremely glad I do. Thank you, Greg, for making this amazing, revelatory product that again disarmed my senses as only a couple have ever done.



After a week of break-in, I finally hooked up the AG2 this evening. I was almost cringing as the first notes emanated as I thought back to last week, listening to the raw, unbroken-in wire. Well, it certainly sounded a whole lot better, much much better, in fact. Gone was the thinness, lack of bass, compressed highs – blackness was back! Though still not as warm sounding as the copper, it still made me smile. While the AG was 60/40 toward the emotional/intellectual, the AG2 was more 40/60, but I suspect it may move more toward the middle as it continues to break in.

Notables: Listened to Diana as for the first time. I was hearing slight breathiness and vocal sounds I’d never heard in the past. The “bleed” line caused me to jump in my seat. The piano sound was about the same as AG – maybe slightly less decay, but again I suspect this may improve over time. Yep, heard more sounds from the audience I’d never heard. Listened to some Cat Stevens, particularly for guitar. As we noted in the past, harmonics had become richer, more vibrant, soundstaging more precise. On an Andreas Vollenweider piece I was hearing sounds well to the outsides of both speakers, an indication to me of improved focus and tighter dimensionality. Articulation of voices was greatly improved – I could hear each word sung with a greater clarity, making it much easier to follow along with the vocals. Dynamics were outstanding, low bass improved, midbass very good, but maybe not quite as prominent as the AG (though I’m not sure the AG is totally accurate in this regard). Mids and highs were much clearer, arising from a blacker background. Instruments sound more real (the hallmark of all the wires). Big picture: more musical, more intriguing, more exciting!




I ran my Purist Audio break-in CD on the AG2s for a solid 24 hours last weekend. I listened to the system with the AG2s during the past three nights.

Most notable was that the cables had opened up considerably throughout the entire spectrum. Soundstage bloom is now present and most of the constricted quality relative to the sound of the AGs has vanished. Interestingly, I've noticed a slight improvement over each of the three succeeding night's listening (as if the break-in has accelerated following the initial 24-hour session with the break-in CD). I feel that the openness will continue to increase over time, as I noticed with the AG. From day one, some of the superior qualities of AG2 was apparent, and those qualities have now become more than obvious. Rendering of detail, especially in the mids and highs is simply astonishing -- I can detect nuances in familiar music that were simply not present with the AG cables. Subtle dynamic shadings and dynamic contrast in general are clearly superior to the AG. There also seems to be a "sonic illumination" that now blankets the music and makes the AG presentation seem a bit dark. Interesting. The AG2 also resolves the internal harmonic structure in voices and instruments, something we all heard from day one. Soundstage placement has definitely improved. Amazing what break-in can provide -- it makes me wonder about how many excellent audio products have never had the opportunity to show their true colors due to lack of break-in.

Simply put, I no longer wish to insert the AGs back into the DAC/Amp connection, but will earn a place in the Preamp/Amp connection for vinyl and my other sources.



Lee and Greg,

Thank you for helping me attain the best sound I have ever heard from my system.  You loaned me your Planus AG-2 balanced interconnects along with a pair of Planus II speaker cables to audition.  I replaced the interconnects first (leaving my original speaker wire in place).  There was an immediate and dramatic improvement in soundstage, detail and musical impact - I was already using what I thought was a very good silver interconnect ($1500/pr), but the AG's out performed them in every aspect.  After listening for about a day, I then replaced the speaker cables with the Planus II's (my speaker cables were mediocre at best).  Once replaced, my system was raised to a level I didn't think possible.  I heard inner detail in the music I didn't know existed, and the further improvement of instrument placement, air around instruments and voices was remarkable.  I had no intention of returning these cables.

Just when I thought I had squeezed the last bit of magic from my equipment, you came over, bringing with you a set of Planus III's.  After listening for a bit Greg suggested putting the III's in.  I was not prepared for the immediate and qualitative difference in bass detail and further improvement of inner detail that these cables provided.  I have spent the last 2 days listening to music with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm.  I can hardly wait for the next track to play, it's as if I am hearing the music for the first time.  Needless to say, you won't be seeing these Planus III's again either.

Thank you Lee and Greg for creating an extraordinary product at a very reasonable price, and your willingness to share your invaluable expertise in bringing out the best sound my system has ever produced.


Aurora Colorado      

The P3's are fabulous.  The presence is astounding and detail/pace/staging/extension/transients are so spot on they only add to the fully fleshed out musical experience.  Very clean, linear and neutral.  Pleasantly slightly warm and round but still deliciously assertive and very musical.  It is their presence and assertiveness that is their best quality and augmented or created by their exceptional micro and macro dynamics.  The stage is huge, quiet, solid and substantial with the players existing individually with preternatural silence around them.  They beckon you back to the listening chair to feel that you are right there with the players.   It is absolutely the closest I have come to having the "live music" experience at home.  My friend who is a sound engineer for Broadway shows and large classical concert events was enthralled with how open my system sounds with them in place.  He (and I, too) had this goofy astounded, satisfied and tickled, too grin across his face as he was blown away by how great even the lowest level of streamed internet music sounded.

Initially, my system could not handle the assertiveness of both P3 and either MG ic wire.  It was an either/or situation.  However, I liked them so much that I did some power cord work and now it is in a place where  the P3 and Cu2 can coexist and complement each other very richly.  The separation of close proximity players is the most astounding for me.  There is a track I listen to for judging listener is recorded pushing the upper mids in a way that will highlight that tendency for me in case I am getting over excited and lost in the candy of the new sonic moment.  Anyway, I have always listened for the vocal to become harsh, but low and behold with the P3's and new power cords, the "vocal" separated into vocal s with a women singing quiet vibrant just off harmony no longer harsh, but right there just to the left of Hayden on "Robbed Blind."  The same was true, but more easily revealed with Samuel Beam's sister singing quiet harmony on Iron and Wine's "On you Wings."

The midrange is full and enticing and the control of the deep dredging bass is phenomenal.  Percussion is palpable with different strikes on the cowbell sounding so lifelike and different from each other just as it is and should be.  The same is true for the resonance and vibration of cymbals....I am reminded that metal even creates waves producing sound and yo can hear it's echo in the hat of each cymbal.  The attacks are spot on and the fading of the oh so natural decay goes on and on delicately until gently disappearing back into blackness. 

My system maybe able to handle another Cu2.....It's too close to call right now, but I have run through the permutations with my old wires and yours enough to know that I love and prefer the P3's and Cu2 together in most instances, so I will keep both please and thank you!

The detail retrieval is excellent, with a little nod to the AG2's for more, but does not detract from the experience for me at all.  More detail is often partnered with listener fatigue for me and that is true in this case as well.

Compared to the Cu2's, Ag2's tighten the images, increase inner detail retrieval, and send shimmering shivers of upper register extension down your spine.  The transients are aggressive, but ring with life and are without any sibilance at all.  Smooth as silk.  Their immediacy and transparency is incredibly exciting.  They are the Cu2's on steroids.  All the bountiful positive properties of the Cu2's are embellished upon.  On my system, they are so revealing that it is hard to believe, but they are also on the too assertive side with the upper register for my tired old ears and I fatigue pretty quickly.  This is a very finicky difference, but with the P3's, I just can't listen for long even though the call of the detail is almost irresistible.  I tend to think these wires would be a blessing if it weren't for my aged ears, but I am going to have to pass on the Ag's.  But, not without some regret.



In reference to MG Audio Design's Planus III and Planus AG wire:

"They are magnificent, revolutionary, the finest cable I have heard in 30 yrs. of audio.  Congratulations!  Ezra"

Good morning Greg,

The cables are just fabulous!!

My cousin was over this week and he as I has just been totally amazed at how you can hear the notes and tones of the instruments so clearly and yet so intertwined in the music that it is uncanny. There just is nothing added or subtracted from the music.

Details just jump out at you and the funny part is you're not even looking for them. We all have our preferred music we know intimately over the years and obviously listen for certain parts for these details and how they interact with the rest of the song but your cables just bring out other details you never heard before or were somewhat obscure but now you actually know what that instrument is. The silence between notes or instruments is what is also noticed and makes the enjoyment all the better.

My wife has never sat and listened to so much music with me in my audio room in the last 30 plus years which makes it all the better :-). She just comments on the beauty of the music and to its clarity and she, like her cousin talk about the tonal colors of the instruments ( that's scary).

We listened to various artists we both enjoy and it didn't matter what genre of music we chose; the cables did not vary in their truth to the music. The full spectrum of sound is extremely balanced and that can sometimes be difficult with hybrid speakers as I have found over the years as I am on my 3rd set of M-L's in the last 20 years and they to me are truthful to what is fed to them.

My son who is an audiophile and musician will be over Sunday to give a listen but I strongly suspect that he will be contacting you for cables. My cousin has already said he will be saving up to get some cables or he said if I were to upgrade he would buy mine. That will deffinately come down the road when the monies are avaliable!

Well as you can see the cables will be staying with me and my other cables will be going on the market when my son comes over so he can list them on A-gon.

I am having a great time with my music and your cables just get out of the way that this is the best I, my wife and cousin have heard it and I have played with some very expensive cables in the last 6-7 years.

I am just so excited that I could keep writing but alas I need to get working. Would like to talk soon as well.



PS The one thing I forgot to put in there that my cousin said was " it's like adding a new component to the system".

Hey Greg,

In my role as a professional reviewer I often get E-mails from fellow reviewers regarding their excitement over their new "discovery" of a piece of gear that they found not just to be very good, but in some way transformational in what it did in their system. Well, when I was informed about the MG Audio Design Silver IC's and Planus II speaker wires it was my turn to see if they were as amazing as some of my colleagues had found them to be.

In my history as a music lover/audiophile and now as a reviewer I have auditioned massive amounts of IC's and speaker wires from over 12 highly regarded wire companies. I finally had chosen the wonderful, but very expensive, wires from Stealth because they performed at a much higher level than any other IC's and speaker wires I listened to in my system. The total amount for the Stealth loom (Indra IC's& Dream speaker wires) was over 18K.

Without any hyperbole I was amazed what the MG Audio Design cables did to the performance of my system. Yes, all the analytical virtues that us audiophiles are looking for were their, natural timbres, soundstaging/depth/center fill, layering on that stage of individual players with air around them, transparency to let all the micro-details shine through, 3D imaging, image density, dynamics, a seamless balance through out the total frequency spectrum was at a much higher qualitative level that any wire loom had ever created in my system, regardless of price. The MG Audio Design cables also, I know how subjective this statement sounds, created such an illusion of music in such a natural/organic way that it was much easier just to relax into the music and connect with it in a more emotional way. Call me smitten! All the Stealth wires were put up for sell the next week.

Finally, Greg and Lee charge such a reasonable fee for these world class reference level wires based on both performance and build quality that some high brow audiophiles will dismiss them because they don't cost a small fortune. Don't make that mistake, if some other companies were building these IC's and speaker wires who knows how many thousand of dollars more they would charge.

                                                                                   Terry London, Staff Reviewer for

Hi Greg,

Last night was a revelation, for the first time in my system, I am able to pick individual instruments in a wide and deep soundstage, my own cables I had to struggle to perceive this, but now, this effortlessly comes to me without me even trying to notice or look for it, that in itself is a major achievement. For the first time, the word "pin-point imaging" has become a reality.

The music lives in a "comfortable" and quiet black space, no grit, no smear, no bloat, just immaculate purity and neutrality.

Every instruments are cemented with very perceivable layering and for the first time real depth, and I mean a carved out sound stage, not only that, my image also project from my full range ribbon planar speakers in the manner of horn single point drivers!

Wow, what more can I say?

I've got clients coming Sunday evening, they know my system intimately, I can't wait to see the look on their faces.

Cables will continue non-stop running-in till tomorrow. I think I have at least 50 hours by now.

Will keep you updated.


Ramsey, Audiotweak
South Africa


By the way, I'm going to educate some of your existing clients now, humor me...

Your cable will only and I mean ONLY come into their own IF... are you ready for this? (I did this today), IF... They relocate their speakers! Where? Well, because the soundstage was vaster, the center image (voices for instance) were now bigger than the previous cables, the previous cables obviously lacked in harmonic bloom, so in order to compensate, we (most of us) moved the speakers a little to far apart to make up for the lack of bloom/harmonics (of our old cables), so what happens when the MG runs-in, the image (from the same sitting position) appears larger and straight away produces a more panoramic sound-stage, but at the expense of center focus and extra width, voices appear wider! This is NOT the fault of the cable, this is the fault of the previous set up! By moving the speakers a tiny bit towards the middle, you will be amazed at what happens to the overall image, the sound snaps into tremendous focus and becomes more impactfull!

I've learned this over the years by playing with permutations of sources and amps, a cable is in effect as big as a component, it needs to be treated in the same manner. Due to the extra bass, the room acoustic also respond differently. It is my belief that a speaker re-positioning be crucial in order to really make the Planus cable shine even more than they already do!

(Pass this on and mention me please?).
I am now in another audio Nirvana level than yesterday, WOW! This is almost a transcendental experience short of a levitation of the soul and senses.


I will be very short with my impressions of Planus 2 speaker cable. This is the best speaker cable at any price I've heard and I had in my system. You must listen. Thank you for this great product on the audio market.

Best regards,

Gordan, Croatia

Hi Greg,

I received the Planus II cables yesterday and installed them last night. First notes immediately drew attention and showed the Planus IIs were obviously in the upper strata of cables.

Today, I and two audio friends had a good listen to your cables in comparison to my present reference cables - boutique silver bi-wire cables costing approx USD5k. With just a few hours on the the Planus II they are achieving essentially the same life and control that has set my silver cables on their high pedestal to date. Yet the Planus II over come the one weakness with my silver cables in offering mids that at my silver cables just can't match. On my TAD CR-1s (microscopes if any speaker ever was) the Planus II give a very natural, yet still extended and lively presentation, with no "digital" edge. They are performing remarkably well. To be honest after unsuccessfully trying two other well respected cable "name brands" I was quite despondent - neither really improved on the silver cables but gave away excitement in trying to. This makes your achievement with the Planus II all the more remarkable, and, though to hate to say it (and I never have before) or want to encourage higher pricing, a bargain!

Many thanks

New Zealand

I would like to thank you and James O'Connell for the opportunity to test drive the Planus 1 speaker cables. James offered members on Canuck Audio Mart the opportunity to evaluate the MG Design Planus 1. The rules were simple, each person had two weeks for the demo and then ship them to the next person on the list. Now to be honest the last thing I needed was another cable! In the last three years I've had or still have Virtual Dynamics "David", replaced with Morrow SP4, Verastarr, Zu Libtec, Mission, and Grover Huffman SX. All these cables performed well on my system and I'd be hard pressed to choose one over the other with the exception of the Grover Huffman SX, it was more detailed than the others but due to it's lean (bright) presentation I found it annoying, I read a review that warned that it takes 100 hours for this cable to show its stuff. I never took much stock in cable break in, but after about twenty hours the brightness was gone and it clearly outclassed the other cables I had been using, it had more detail, speed, and clarity. I thought I had found the perfect cable and my search was over. This may sound like hype, but I assure you the MG Design is the best cable I've ever used. Every piece of music took on a new life, if you think you know what a Hammond B3 sounds like guess again, I thought I did until I auditioned these cables, bass definition was outstanding, timbre, detail, this cable does it all in spades! This is probably one of the greatest audio products I've purchased and I've been in this hobby since the late sixties. Anyone in the market for cables would be well advised to audition these.

Cheers, Bob Elliott

While attending an audio fest as a customer not a vendor, in passing I met Greg with MG Audio design, he graciously offered a demo of his speaker cables (Planus 2 speaker cables, and the Planus CU XLR interconnect) in my system, there was an immediate difference. Once things settled down Saturday, a little circle of forum friends got together in my room and they were able to grab cables from other vendors they wanted to listen too.

After running the same songs from 3 genres (Jazz, blues, and yes-even rock) on my system, and we all agreed that the tonality, natural airy quality, and sustained notes were a hit. Greg reassured me about MG’s 30-day money back guarantee, I replied “Trust me you won’t be getting these back.” Associated gear Melody 101 pure black tube preamp, Pass Labs XA-30.5 amp, and Usher Minidancer 2 speakers, W4S Dac 2

Ron Little

Well, Greg, to use a cliché: you have a winner here! Buying cables on-line can be risky business since you never know what to expect. How will those cables sound in my system? Will they be a perfect match? What if I don't like them? No problem with Greg's company MG Audio Design. Greg is a very nice chap to do business with and he offers a money-back guarantee on all interconnects and loudspeaker wires he sells. If you don't like them, you just send them back and your money is refunded. Risk-free. It's that easy. You can be assured that you aren't stuck with wires you don't like. As for me, I have no intention of sending them back at all! These cables do sing. At a very reasonable price you'll get the performance of cables costing four times more, and then some! I am the proud owner of the Planus I loudspeaker cables and from the moment I hooked them up and the first notes emerged from the speakers, I liked them. They sounded a bit muddy in the bass, the soundstage a bit narrow, midrange a tiny bit compressed but after a couple of hours, they just opened up -- the bass became tight and gone was the muddiness, the soundstage became quite wide and the midrange sounded just awesome. My Quicksilver tube amplifier is all about midrange and these wires portray this with verve. After a couple of days, things still improved and by now -- you have already guessed it -- I am 1000% satisfied with the wires. I don't see any reason why I should fork out four times the money for a pair of loudspeaker wires when I can get the Planus I wires for a lot less. I have heard the sound produced by many of the more expensive cables lots of reviewers are raving about, and most of them don't even come close to the sound these beauties produce. Just perfect synergy. Great performances deserve an encore indeed!

Carine Michiels Van den Steen


Thanks to the efforts of your company and James O’Connell, I am currently testing out the Planus I in my system. I just have to say thank you very much for doing this, and based on what I am hearing for the first 10 hours or so – I will be purchasing at least one set of the Planus I speaker cables.

I can honestly say that I have never heard a more detailed and coherent speaker cable. It is going through what I consider the ups and downs of the break in process right now, but based on what I have heard to date, they have made my system sound better than it has any right to sound. I think the most addictive aspect is the way the details emerge from a silent backdrop – I keep hitting rewind on my CD player to make sure that I am hearing things correctly.

I would like to know what is the shortest practical length that these can be made. I will probably get an 8 or 10’ pair to start, and then get a shorter pair (4’ – 6’ pair) for my upstairs system.

What would be the pricing for those lengths, and how much would shipping be to the following location:

Thank you,
Kevin Boxma

Comments from Audiogon:

You have to get these speaker cables! MG Audio speaker cables will make your audio system come to life without breaking your piggy bank. Thanks Greg for making a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.

Excellent product. Excellent service. 5***** Wonderful cables. Would definitely purchase again. These are worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and try them. Thanks Greg

Greg is a great guy to deal with. Great product. So far my impressions are an overall clarity enhancement with distinct improvement in the lower octaves. The sound stage has fantastic definition and depth. Highly recommend.

Killer sounding wire at a great price. Greg really knows what he is talking about when he compares this wire to things 8-10 times the price. Would and will buy from again. Thanks

Greg is a very honest, trustworthy and fast acting seller. His cable is truly one of the best around. Highest recommendation from me, you can buy from him with full confidence. Feel free to email me if you are in doubt.


Yes you can quote me. I have had quite a few wires in my system and your cables beat out many of the very expensive stuff. I even liked them better than the Audience AU24e's. Cardas Golden Ref., JPS,Harmonic Technology , Grover Huffman, Audioquest...can't remember model, and many others. A VERY GOOD Product.that does not need to make any excuses for it self. If I get an other system or go back to a dynamic or Maggie system, I can't think of another cable that I would rather own.

You are welcome to quote me on any of this because these are just the facts.

Larry Hunsicker

I couldn't wait and hooked them up less than a 1/2 hour ago. Instantaneous gratification. I was listening quite a bit last night so there were a couple of disc that I sat and soaked in. It's almost like listening to them all over again. So far my impressions are an overall clarity enhancement with distinct improvement in the lower octaves. The bass seems to have tightened up and goes even lower... if that's possible. The sound stage has much better definition and greater depth. I can't wait until they settle in a little. Big thumbs up!

I should eventually hook up the Monsters again to be reminded of how it used to sound... but that may never happen. The best sonic improvement I've ever made to my system for under 2K.

Thanks Greg!

Paul Christensen

Hi Greg,

These cables are getting better and better. I find myself turning down the volume a bit. The bass is now getting that nice low end. With great decay. Vocals are wonderful. Instruments well placed and defined. And that nice black background. That have a way of fleshing out those notes.

These cables are by far the best i have had. I will not be putting my 2K cables back into my system. They are going up for sale. I most likely will be contacting you for interconnects as well.
As soon as i can afford them. :)

By the way. I have sent Audiogon 2 more e-mails and the last one was not very nice. They need to fix the feedback problem. I have tried every which way and still a no go. Very frustrating. But whenever they fix it. I will definitely leave feedback.

I have checked out the website. I actually went and look before i bought the cables. Glad to see it is coming along. It looks good and well laid out.

You have my permission to post any of my comments about your cables on your website. Heck you can piece it together anyway you like. Just take the best parts. :)

These cables are fantastic and will not be leaving my system anytime soon.

Thanks a bunch and i will be in touch.


James O'Connell
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Greg,

Your speaker cables Planus I are excellent!

Highly detailed, Melodious, Pleasing sound.

Where shall I leave my feedback in Audiogon.

I couldn't find your Ad.

Best regards,


South Korea